Monday, February 15, 2010

Fight for Justice!

Let us as citizens stand up and fight for justice.

From the out-set it has to be said that this is not simply another championing of the cause for harsher treatment of offenders by the Judiciary, this is a championing of the right for all citizens to have justice a core principle of Law, Society and Governance.

There is perhaps no argument against the fundamental principle that the Judiciary itself be removed from Government. However that does not exclude the Judiciary from representing the will of the Citizenry or reflecting what the Citizenry believes to be justice either through direct consultation or intervention by elected government in the form of Legislated Judicial Boundary that directly represents and reflects the will of the Citizenry.

Further-more, there must be a true and measured distance between those entrusted to enforce the law and Government. There must be no direct or indirect influence by government imposed upon those entrusted to enforce the law beyond Legislative Boundary in regards to what constitutes Lawful Behavior and Practice as per the will and expectations of the Citizenry.

The role of Government here is clear, to provide the representation and reflection of the Citizenry in Governance including Social Governance through the Judiciary, Government is not only entrusted to provide a means of Social Governance it also has the responsibility of protecting the Citizenry from those very means of Social Governance.

In recent times we the Citizenry have seen the demise of Social Governance due to failures on the part of all concerned in some important areas such as,

The Judiciary has failed in providing an authorative, consistent, representative, trusted and respected mechanism for providing Social Governance. The Judiciary exists for the sole purpose of keeping the citizenry safe from individual citizens by means of upholding the Rule of Law and punishing those who transgress it. This has been a fundamental failure of the Judiciary in recent times, the citizenry as a result has been victim of a mass injustice, the imposition of an ideal that removes the notion of punishment. This failure to punish is not only directly at odds with the will and beliefs of the Citizenry, in doing so the Judiciary has failed fundamentally and absolutely.

The Government has failed in providing the Legislative Boundary for both the Judiciary and the Citizenry to reside within. This failure by Government to not only in essence govern but also failing to represent and reflect the will and beliefs of the Citizenry in either providing the Legislative Boundary that the Citizenry has asked to be imposed on both themselves and the Judiciary has also lead to Government that is no longer seen or believed to be authorative, consistent, representative, trusted and respected.

The Citizenry has failed on two fundamental fronts, one being the responsibility of each citizen to govern themselves and the other being the failure to demand if not fight for the fundamental right of all citizens, that being that their will and beliefs be represented and reflected by Government and the Judiciary.

It is the right and the responsibility of each Citizen to Govern not merely be Governed.These Institutional failings have had a disastrous effect on the Citizenry, the decline of Social Governance has allowed for a much broader and more destructive Social Decline now considered to be normal or progressive.

The very ideal of Justice along with the very ideal of Representative Government are slowly being consigned to history, without strong institutions representative and reflectant of the Citizenry we as Citizens have succumb to a tyranny of ideology by choice or lack there-of.Government removed from the will of the Citizenry, Government removed from its Social Governance responsibility, Government removed the Citizenry, Government that no longer represents or refuses to represent the will and beliefs of the Citizenry on its own ideological grounds is not only illegitimate but tyranny in-practice.

That is what we the Citizenry have to over-come if we as Citizens before we once more have Social Governance that has Justice done in its name, this tyranny is what we as the Citizenry must over-come if we as Citizens are to ever have Democracy or even at the very least Governance in our image.It is time that we as Citizens stood up and not only made our demands but if need be fight by and all means available to ensure that our collective will and beliefs are not only heard but acted upon.

It is time to Stand Up!

Sincere Regards,

Crimson (URC)